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A Primer on How Music Encourages Social Bonding

Bruce Furst

An established music and motion picture and executive producer, Bruce Furst is the CEO of Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation and the president of Ashber Corporation. In his role at Ashber Corporation, Bruce Furst is responsible for licensing music for films and producing both movies and music recordings.

Recorded music is listened to all over the world and has a profound impact on how we feel. It also enhances the strength of social bonds. Music influences brain circuitry involved in cooperation and empathy, and it helps people to feel connected to one another.
Research proves that when people try to synchronize with one another by harmonizing or keeping a beat, their brains release pleasure chemicals called endorphins. Listening to and singing music also causes the release of the oxytocin, a neuropeptide known to be involved in increasing trust and bonding between people.
Listening to music with others is known to increase social connections as studies demonstrate that social cohesion is higher within peer groups and families when these groups listen to music together.

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