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Amnesty International Fights the Death Penalty

Bruce Furst

Motion picture and music producer Bruce Furst is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Bruce Furst serves as the president of Ashber Corporation and supports the work of Amnesty International.

Founded 56 years ago, Amnesty International has become the leading human rights advocacy organization. The nonprofit spearheads the global movement for human rights in areas that include armed conflict, corporate accountability, discrimination, and the death penalty.
Amnesty International has been fighting the death penalty since 1977. The organization, which believes executions are cruel and inhuman, advocates for the abolishment of the death penalty due to the possibility of mistakes, the discriminatory nature of executions, and the ability of the death penalty to be used as a political tool.
Since Amnesty International began its fight in this area, 88 countries have abolished the death penalty. For additional information on the work of Amnesty International, visit

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