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Amnesty International on Protecting Freedom of Expression

Bruce Furst

UCLA alumnus Bruce Furst has been serving as the president of Austin, Texas-based entertainment company Ashber Corporation since 2000. At Ashber, Mr. Furst is in charge of licensing music content to film productions. In addition to his professional obligations, Bruce Furst supports several charitable organizations, one of which is Amnesty International.

Founded in 1961, Amnesty International is an organization that aims to end and prevent abuses of human rights. It currently has over seven million members and supporters across the globe. There are many human rights issues that Amnesty International deals with, one of which is the denial of freedom of expression.
Amnesty International believes that a people's ability to communicate with each other without fear of reproach is a vital aspect of an open and fair society. This belief helps in upholding Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights protecting freedom of expression. In today’s world, there are still societies where freedom of expression remains a luxury afforded only to a few. By working with journalists, community workers, and educators, Amnesty International has been able to support and protect people who need to speak out for themselves and others. It has also initiated campaigns on behalf of people who have been incarcerated due to their beliefs.
To learn more about helping Amnesty International in upholding necessary freedoms, visit

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