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An Overview of Booboo Stewart's Acting Career

Bruce Furst

A seasoned executive in the entertainment industry, Bruce Furst serves as the president of Ashber Corporation in Austin, Texas. In this role, Bruce Furst produces film and music projects and has helped launch the careers of performers including Booboo Stewart.

Actor Booboo Stewart began his career with small roles in a variety of television series and movies. In 2005, he received one of his first opportunities as a leading actor, as part of the Ashber-produced Fly Kidz.

Over the course of the last decade, the Beverly Hills native has developed into one of the most recognizable young faces in Hollywood. He appeared as Seth Clearwater in three of the Twilight films. In 2014, he gained further experience as an actor in a major film production, playing the part of Warpath in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Stewart’s biggest success as an actor came in 2015, when he landed the role of Jay in the Disney television movie Descendants. The fairy-tale-inspired musical spawned a television series and film sequel, both of which featured Stewart’s character.

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