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    Bruce Furst graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Science in political science. During his time at UCLA, Bruce Furst pursued a number of extracurricular activities to complement his studies, including basketball and membership in the campus radio station and debate team. During his time partaking in these activities, he earned the most improved player award and the speaker of the year award. Bruce Furst also holds a Juris Doctor with a focus on intellectual property.

    In 2000, Bruce Furst assumed the role of President at entertainment licensing company Ashber Corporation, based in Las Vegas. In this professional role, he has worked with the film industry to license musical content for their productions and negotiate movie rights and distribution arrangements.

    In his executive career, Bruce Furst has also served as an Executive Producer for a number of film and music projects. To this end, he has also contributed to the launch of several young actors’ careers, including Booboo Stewart, who now stars in the Twilight series as Seth Clearwater. In 2006, Furst discovered and cast Stewart in the movie “Fly Kidz,” citing the young man’s superior dance ability and leading-actor charisma.

    Bruce Furst had also cast Adam Sevani in an independent film project that has played a part in the actor’s box office success. Since his work with Bruce Furst, Sevani has appeared as the character Moose in “Step Up 2: The Streets” and “Step Up 3D.”

    Bruce Furst has made a substantial impact on the music industry as well, producing a number-one selling holiday music compilation in 2006 that features such artists as Tony Bennett and Luther Vandross. This album also features Christina Aguilera; Bruce Furst is happy to see her recent success as a leading actress in the hit movie “Burlesque.”
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    University of California, Los Angeles

    BS in Political Science

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